Planning French travel/capsule wardrobe

I am the luckiest woman in the world, with the best dad in the world because he’s taking me to France for a month later this year!

I’m a planner, some might say compulsively so. It’s only natural then that my first thought is what I’m going to wear - after all, how do you plan for a whole month away with only one suitcase?

Answer: with a capsule wardrobe.

This might seem logical to many readers, but it’s not where my mind first went. I have a whole dressing room, rather than a walk-in wardrobe. I have a lot of clothes, and I’m not usually willing to pare it down to just a handful of garments.

That said, inspired by this article, I have narrowed down my options, and entered them into a OneNote packing list, because that’s how I roll.


(Don’t worry, I will be doing laundry while I’m over there! The extra socks and undies are just in case, because, y’know, why not? They’re so small, I might as well bring them just in case, right?) 

Anyway, there’s just one problem with this lovely little capsule wardrobe... other than the plain white tees, I don’t currently own any of those tee shirts or dresses.  

So, *gasp* I will just have to make them! Oh no, what a shame! 

I’m super excited for this. See y’all next time!