What I've been up to (October 2015)

So much happened in October. Here are the highs and lows:

  • I travelled out of town for my grandfather's funeral, and went on a family road trip. I think it helped us all a little, but it's obviously still hard.
  • Frocktober happened. It was a wild, insane ride, and I made 27 dresses in the end. Not bad, considering several were made on the day of having to wear them!
  • I exercised a lot. Exercise really is helpful for coping with grief. 
  • I also went drinking with one of my besties. Drinking is also good for coping with grief*
  • I hadn't expected my grandfather to pass so soon, so since I had leave arranged and non-refundable flights, I travelled to spend more time with my Dad, which was lovely.
  • And once I got home from my Dad's place, my husband and I went to PAXAus and it was amazing, as always. Halloween + PAX Saturday + Frocktober meant I made myself a Red Riding Hood dress for the occasion. 

* as long as the drinking is kept under control, obviously.