What I've been up to (November 2015)

I have no excuses for not writing up a proper blog post - I've been slack on this front, but busy and having fun on other fronts:

  • Got my hair cut even shorter! Love it so much!
  • Walked with my work team to raise money to Cure Brain Cancer!
  • Had my birthday and got awesome presents!
  • Finally got the chance to wear my Hunger Games-themed jewellery set I made for myself! ("coal", a pearl and some white roses - plus the little arrow chain weight at the back - so stinking cute! 😆 )
  • Starting the monumental task of re-organising my fabric stash in my new sewing room... it will happen one day. I'm trying KonMari techniques but not getting very far.
  • More exercise!
  • Dog-sat the most beautiful dog in the world (my brother-in-law's dog, we all used to live together, so in my heart, she's my dog too)
  • Finally started using Treehouse again - constantly learning! And multi-tasking, trying to get back into sewing after a post-projectFrocktober hiatus.