7 delightful printable Christmas gift tags: an Etsy roundup

As many of my friends and family are probably painfully aware, I do not 'do' cards for birthdays or Christmas... or Mother's/Father's Day or even anniversaries or Valentine's Day. 

I used to work in a card shop and something about that experience turned me off - I think it's because I'd see people spend $10 or more on a card, then hem and haw over a $5 gift to go with it.

That said, I'm not a complete grinch - I do buy thank you and condolences cards.

But I'm off track already (and we're only 4 paragraphs in!) - what I was trying to say is that, despite my reluctance to buy individual cards for people, the holiday season does call for some way to determine whose gift is whose, and for that, I use gift tags.

Or rather, I always intend to use gift tags, but somehow never actually end up buying any when I'm at the shops, or I run out halfway through wrapping gifts.

Which brings me to today's roundup: Printable Christmas gift tags! Here are a selection of my favourites, but you can check out my full curated list on Etsy. If any of these take your fancy, you can click straight through to the listing and buy them. 

You might be wondering why I've chosen to do an Etsy printable roundup instead of a freebie printable roundup. No, I'm not getting a commission or any other sort of kick-back.

The simple answer is because I believe designers should be compensated for their designs and that it's something that our online/digital culture doesn't nurture enough. More than that, the quality of these tags are fantastic and deserve to be showcased. And as you can see if you click through to the listings, there is a range of prices for these tags, so buying a printable file can cost less than the paper (or cardstock) you'll print it on!

So go ahead, click through on any of the above, or view my curated list on Etsy to see more delightful printables.