What I've been up to (July 2015)

I haven't had time to blog, so here are a few highlights from my month:

  • I made the toile of that maternity dress... it didn't go as well as planned.
  • I cut into my vintage pattern! Only because the rest of the pattern had already been cut out when I bought it, so it felt pointless to trace the few remaining pieces.
  • I made a non-maternity version of the maternity dress... it didn't go as well as planned, either.
  • My cat helped me sew up the vintage dress pattern. It's a bit gape-y around the underarms, but is super comfortable!
  • ...so I cut out the pieces for a new version, with a chiffon layer over jersey, and less-gaping armholes (hopefully)
  • I got new sneakers! Which means I can finally get back to exercising! 
  • I made this crazy bright plaid dress. I'm not sure yet if I love it or hate it.
  • I got some lovely textured ponte and have cut it out for a new work dress. Stay tuned to see how it turns out!