Digital Pattern Drafting

I've taken some time off work to visit my Dad and Grandpa, and now have plenty of spare time on my hands, considering I don't start my university I've just registered for BurdaStyle's Digital Pattern Drafting course, taught by Lauren Dahl of BASTE + GATHER and Pattern Workshop. I can't wait!

The only downside? It starts today and is on Illustrator.

I know, this shouldn't seem like an issue. Surely in my line of work and recreation, I have easy access to a copy of Illustrator, right? Well, yes... normally.

At home I have a lovely 27" iMac, which I obviously couldn't bring with me on the 700km+ journey, so I have my husband's 17" MacBook Pro here with me instead, fulfilling pretty much all my computing needs. Unfortunately, when I was loading up programs on the laptop to bring with me, I was half planning to bring my work laptop as well, which has the full Adobe Creative Suite on it, meaning that I wouldn't have to load it on this machine. And of course, at the very last minute, I decided that I wouldn't bring the work computer after all... leaving me stranded without a copy of Illustrator or even Photoshop!

Fortunately, the first two weeks' worth of classes seem like they'll be pretty basic - an introduction to Illustrator and how to take measurements for your basic block pieces. And when I get back home, I'll have my uni classes for stimulation and these classes for procrastination. Hooray!