Losing weight during your 'lady time'

I feel like such a cliché. Not only did I gain the "freshman five" (or in my case, 15kg) when I started university, but after losing most of it for my wedding, I gained it all back within about twelve months.

But this year (I say for too many years in a row) will be different. This year, I will lose that weight again.

I'm a big believer in sustainable weight loss. No crash diets or unrealistic workout programs for me. I lose weight with a combination of healthy eating and increased exercise, usually in the form of walking and light yoga on the WiiFit.

But let's be serious here - it's clearly not working for me. And I think I know why.

I do so well until that time of the month, then my self-control slips and I binge on chocolate and ice cream, because frankly, when it feels like your uterus is imploding, you don't care that you've got a few extra inches around your waist - it's the inside that's the problem, so who cares what's happening on the outside?

Come back a few days later and you're regretting it. You know you would have felt better if you'd just made yourself go for a light walk instead of sitting on the couch with the ice cream watching reruns of Grey's Anatomy. You know that if your jeans weren't so tight, you would have been a lot more comfortable, even if it wouldn't have necessarily alleviated the stabbing pains in your gut. And worst of all, you know that studies have shown that women with lower body:fat ratios actually have less period pain.

So you vow that next time, you'll push through. You'll stick to your exercise regime. You'll resist the urge to buy and eat that ice cream. You'll do the downward dog and other strategic yoga positions when the pain gets too much. You'll do better... next time.

Well, this month, I'm prepared. I've just bought myself some of those miracle noodles, I've got my treadmill all set up, I've cleared the house of naughty snacks and stocked up on healthy treats and cranberry juice. I've signed up to the RunKeeper Beginner to 5K training package (again) and I'm going to complete it this time. 

So please excuse me while I stick to my schedule - today I'm off for a 45 brisk walk/light jog. 

Wish me luck!