Bless Yourself

I have a dirty little secret that I need to share... I love Pretty Little Liars. And Aria is definitely my favourite.

So of course I thought to myself, what else has Lucy Hale starred in?

Enter A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song

Now, I'll be upfront here: it's a teen romance. A cheesy teen romance. But seriously, it's the third movie in the A Cinderella Story franchise, so I knew that going in. (BTW, I used to be a huge Hilary Duff fan, so I also enjoyed the first movie - what can I say, it was fun!)

I also knew that it would be full of inspirational teen athem style songs, which, honesty, was part of the appeal - who doesn't like a funky soundtrack to pick them up and get them inspired while on holidays?

Anyway, I've been working with a friend on her new website, which, among other things, is aimed at helping women build their confidence, reconnect with themselves and just generally get their lives back on the track of their choosing, rather than being dictated by society/family/friends/duty/etc.

In the spirit of that, I'd like to share my favourite new song with you: Bless Myself by Lucy Hale.

I love these lyrics. They're so cheesy, but at the same time, they send some really positive messages:

Take responsibility. You are in control of your own life.

Your past has taught you everything you know - embrace it.

You have the power to enact change in your life, so don't wait around for an opportunity to present itself, get out there and make it happen!

Here's an extract of my favourite parts:

There's a little secret
I would like to tell you
There's a book of lies
I know they'll try to sell you
And they'll try, and they'll try
To convince you to buy you need 'em
So the next time you're down
Look inside not around.

Do you ever wonder
How anything can make you cry?
Have yourself discover
That the pain you feel
Is the pain that you deny in your life
So open up your eyes

You can bless yourself
There's no need for someone else
There's no one to blame
There's no one to save you but yourself
I can bless myself
There's no need for someone's help
There's no one to blame
There's no one to save you but yourself
I can justify all the mistakes in my life
It's taught me to be, it's given me me
And I'll survive
'Cause I have blessed myself.

Maybe it's just the work I'm doing at the moment, but this song really resonated with me. It's definitely going on my workout playlist, as well as my happy songs, my work music, etc.

What songs inspire you and why? Let me know in the comments below or share your inspirational anthems with me on Spotify.