Baby hat!

After making another hoodie from Meg McElwee's Sewing with Knits class (this time for my mother-in-law, with pockets!), I had some large scraps left over.

I hate letting anything go to waste, so I hoarded those scraps for a while, rolled up neatly, awaiting the perfect baby pattern to be put to use.

Well, my readers, I found it! Or at least one of the patterns to use up my scraps - there was a lot left over!

Credit goes once again to Meg McElwee and her great knit patterns. This was the Sweet Pea Pilot Hat, pattern and extensive photo tutorial available free from her website, Sew Liberated.

This little cap was super easy to make and took less than an hour from printing the pattern to taking the photos. I wanted to use scraps only, so instead of using a contrasting rib fabric, I trimmed off the selvedge from the fleece I used for the main parts of the hat. I love the way it's kind of shiny and sparkly!

I like to think of every new project as a learning experience, and this little hat was no exception.

What did I learn from this?

If the tutorial/instructions say to use the fancy interfacing, use the fancy interfacing! I didn't use any interfacing, and you can tell in the ripples of the seams. I'm hoping that whichever baby gets this hat one day has a big fat head so you won't notice!

Please forgive the money-tin model. It turns out I don't actually have anything small and round to display baby things on.