French travel wardrobe, part 1: black Matcha top

The first piece of my French capsule/travel wardrobe is complete! I made a wearable toile of the Matcha top by Sew Liberated from what I think might actually be cotton toile. It’s been in my stash for ages, so I can’t be sure.


I followed the fitting advice in the instructions and went with my shoulder measurement (size 12) but the armscye was a little small and I had to whip out my trusty curved ruler to adjust it.

I plan to make the next version in a size 16, based on how much I trimmed from the underarms and because I’ll use the sleeved variation, so I want the shoulders to sit wider anyway so I don’t hulk out of it.

Speaking of which, I also had to do a sloped shoulder adjustment because my posture is kind of terrible 😐 but it was really easy to do, hiding the extra fabric under the shoulder detail.

I’m not loving the gathering from the basting-stitches method, so I’ll probably pull out my ruffle foot next time, but overall I’m pretty stoked. It’s comfortable and lightweight and fits as expected.

Now that I know the adjustments I need to make, I’m looking forward to the next one. Ive got this white gauzy cotton that I thought might be cotton voile, but it has more drape than this black fabric (more stash busting, so I’m not sure what it actually is). The white fabric is also quite sheer, so I’ll add a second layer to the bodice, probably as a lining. Tune in next time to see how it goes!

Pantry raid: Chana Masala

Lately, I've found myself cooking a lot of dishes with nothing more than pantry staples - mostly because I just can't be bothered going to the shops. I figured that I'm unlikely to be the only one in this situation, so I thought I'd share those recipes here.

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The most satisfyingly crunchy muesli/granola clusters you have ever tasted

Last year, husband suggested crunchy muesli (AKA granola for those in America) clusters with yoghurt as an addition to the breakfast rotation. The only problem was that all the commercial varieties had too much sugar, were insufficiently crunchy or were prohibitively expensive - or all three!

Thus began the great crunch hunt of 2016, resulting in the following recipe...

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7 delightful printable Christmas gift tags: an Etsy roundup

Buying a printable file can cost less than the paper (or cardstock) you'll print it on!

You might be wondering why I've chosen to do an Etsy printable round up instead of a freebie printable roundup. The simple answer is because I believe designers should be compensated for their designs and that it's something that our online/digital culture doesn't nurture enough. 

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